Magic. The swahili meaning of the word Uchawi. Uchawi is a congolese brand established in 2014 curated by Laëtitia Kandolo. Feeling powerful, beautiful, invisible by walking into your favorite item, the Creative Director wanted to give to the people the wardrobe to always be able to live into this feeling everyday, wherever you are into our planet. Being a travelling lover, Uchawi is the fruit of all her multicultural inspiration from all over the world.

Uchawi is also an Educative Program in collaboration with the ISAM (Insitut Superieur des Arts et Metiers) Fashion School in Congo DRC to make the textile field grow up in Africa. The creative house is sharing the craft to create employment into the country, to develop the empowerment of women and to make people believe into their own Dream. Because we are the captain of our live, let create our own magical world.

To all the Uchagirls & Uchaboys, Welcome into the Uchawiworld.

– Uchateam.